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 Christian Marriage Retreats (Temporarily Closed) 
christian couples retreatIf the spark has gone out of your marriage, you feel like married singles, or your spouse won't communicate with you, a marriage retreat can restore love.  Even if you are on the brink of divorce, fight all the time, and no longer trust each other, the Lord can help. 

For a relationship to fully flourish under God's pleasure, each person must contribute a personal spirituality founded on the Lord Jesus Christ. 

A marriage needs to be a safe place
where we can reveal our true selves and be accepted.
We'll help you get there!  

Many couples unconsciously bring emotional baggage into their marriages that negatively affects the way they relate to each other.  Whole individuals make happy relationships, while broken individuals make unhappy ones.  Relationships often go belly-up because one or both are unwhole and unhappy internally, yet blame their partner.  We cannot expect another to be responsible for our happiness.   We are stewards of our own lives.
Relationships perish or flourish in proportion to the:christian marriage retreat

inner well-being of each person
understanding and acceptance of each others' personality
commitment, integrity and faithfulness of each person
trust and security levels present
love provision or deficit of each person
acceptance of, or resistance to change of each person
inclination toward peace of each person.
One-on-One Ministry
Couples will receive private "one-on-one" ministry sessions, both separately and together for five to seven intensive days... longer if needed.  The time away from obligations, the tranquil environment of a country retreat, and your willingness to let the Lord work in your life, will help bring down the walls that separate you.  Through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, we will help you release forgiveness, restore intimacy and bring healing to your marriage.
christian marriage retreat

You will receive new insights, new understanding, and new tools to enrich your relationship and help you resolve problems.  You will experience a new intimacy with God and with each other.

When you arrive we will have an interview to establish where you are at spiritually, what is on your heart, and what you hope to gain from your retreat.  From there, we flow in the direction the Lord wants us to take.
We meet for two sessions a day, morning and evening.  Morning sessions last from 1.5 to 2 hours.  Afternoons are a time to meditate on what the Lord is saying to you, work on Holy Spirit led assignments, read your bible, get some fresh air, or go for a swim if it's summer.  The retreat is on 92 acres... has a lake... has woods... has meadows.  So there is a lot of space to be still before God.
marriage retreat
Dinner is around six.  In the evening, we check in with you on your afternoon and minister to your hearts as the Holy Spirit leads.  We will also have a time for praise and worship.
        Trust The Lord With Your Marriage
                  He Is Faithful